Shape young women today by educating and equipping them to become the conservative leaders of tomorrow.

The future of our nation is at a crucial crossroads: if the left continues, without opposition, to sell socialism and liberal culture to upcoming generations, then freedom as we know it will disappear.

Your gift provides an intellectual home and a voice for young conservative women who are increasingly under fire.

Without you, the next generation does not stand a chance.

Women are the future of freedom. Together we can empower the next generation of women through 6 core programs:

·       Campus Chapters
·       Professional Network
·       National Conference
·       She’s Conservative Campaign
·       Leadership Retreat
·       The Gentlemen Showcase

Your gift will educate, equip, and empower conservative women to be principled leaders—and provide a counterpunch to the left’s progressive narratives. With your assistance, NeW teaches women how to be confident advocates for conservative ideas.

Yes! I want to embolden the next generation of young conservative women leaders.

For questions, please call 571-318-9160. Tax identification number: 20-5178959

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